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Web Service & Mobile App

Unique Language Learning Platform SPEAKLY​

Drawing on our expertise and close collaboration with clients, Ontario Marketing experts have not only successfully transitioned traditional learning to an online format but have also forged a new educational ecosystem by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies and advanced language programs. This collaboration has culminated in the development of Speakly, a web solution and mobile applications.

Software Development

AI-based financial companion SPARQ

With SPARQ, you can effortlessly stay on top of your financial situation and make informed decisions. Whether it’s tracking your spending, optimizing your savings, or providing personalized financial advice, our AI-powered platform is designed to empower you in achieving your financial goals.

Software Development

Management System for Ad Campaigns Campy

We’ve developed an easy-to-use ad campaign designer with Drag & Drop interface for admins to create engaging campaigns that lead users through quests. The admin interface enables real-time tracking of user actions and campaign management. For ad company owners, we’ve created a system to manage goods offered as rewards to mobile users.

Web Development

Betting platform for GAMING STARS

We have made our eSports platform adhere to the regulations of the majority of countries by incorporating a poker betting system. As a result, the product we have developed is not considered a form of gambling.
The Gaming Stars platform offers users the ability to play over a dozen video games and multiple game modes, with more expected to be added in the future.

Software Development

Software for Safe Smart Door Locks

We developed a mobile app for iOS and Android to enhance users’ experience with smart locks. The Spark Keys app supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, and NFC technology. Our team conducted thorough testing, including manual, automated, security, and access control testing at every stage of development. Ontario.Marketing created a user-friendly UX & UI design, thanks to high-tech custom solutions.

Web Development

Recipe Parsing System with Calorie Calculator Gourmet PT

We have developed Gourmet PT, an advanced online recipe parsing system that caters to four different user roles. It features a personalized calorie calculator that accurately estimates calorie content based on anthropometry and individual user requirements. The system generates a unique formula for calculating calories specific to each user, enables tracking of anthropometric changes, and facilitates remote interaction between trainers and clients.

Web Development

Web Service GetAergo

GetAergo is a powerful and intuitive tool that empowers the Aergo team to evaluate community members with ease. By leveraging this innovative solution, the team can accurately assess each member’s contribution to the ecosystem, helping them make informed and fair decisions on who to reward.

Management Software

Cloud Project Management Software KOALA DESK

We have developed KOALA DESK, an affordable solution that provides pay-per-user functionality. With KOALA DESK, team collaboration becomes more transparent, keeping all members informed of task updates. This solution is designed to meet the needs of small project teams, enabling seamless interaction among company employees.

Website Development

Legal Firm PRZRR

We have developed a corporate website for the Ukrainian legal company PRZRR, which specializes in preparing documents for participation in government tenders through the ProZorro system. The website features a professional and modern design that reflects the company’s expertise and professionalism, and provides visitors with clear information about the services offered by PRZRR. With this new online presence, PRZRR can more effectively reach potential clients and expand their business.

Web Service & Mobile App

Online Store for the DIY Prorab

We created Prorab, an e-commerce platform specializing in DIY products. It offers a user-friendly online store with convenient features like requesting a consultant’s call, 24/7 online support, and order tracking. Prorab’s custom engine utilizes web scraping to gather pricing information from open sources, automatically updating product data based on supplier information. Customers can trust accurate and up-to-date prices, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Website Redesign

Near North Meats

The website for Near North Meats had a lot of issues with both functionality and interface. Loading speed, product display, and design elements were all displayed incorrectly, prompting the company to turn to us to fix it.

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