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We’ve developed an easy-to-use ad campaign designer with Drag & Drop interface for admins to create engaging campaigns that lead users through quests. The admin interface enables real-time tracking of user actions and campaign management. For ad company owners, we’ve created a system to manage goods offered as rewards to mobile users.

*The product was developed by the Ukrainian division of Ontario.Marketing – Owlab.

Management System for Ad Campaigns Campy

Development service

System for creating, managing and analyzing advertising campaigns with user rewards

Business niche

Digital marketing, advertising

Time spent on the project

1200 hours


Django, Cloudinary, Celery, React, Redux

For marketing specialists who set up ads companies:

  • The ability to show ad campaigns only to the target audience
  • Drag & Drop interface and allows to create advertising campaigns that guide users of the mobile application through various quests, such as “scan the QR code there”, “visit the specified website”, etc
  • Opportunity to see a preview of how the advertising campaign will look on the end user device
  • Implemented a complex mechanism similar to the work of Google Docs. Due to this, only one administrator can edit one campaign during the same session

For manufacturers of goods:

  • In addition to the ability to manually create products that appear as rewards in the system, we have developed a set of special APIs that allow advertisers to upload products to our system directly from their online stores
  • Set the delivery parameters for prizes, and monitor the status of each individual delivery
  • View detailed statistics data campaign statistics data that marketers have created

For service administrators:

  • Manage companies’ applications for using the service
  • View statistical data on registered companies and users, as well as analyze the statistics of marketing funnels created using the service
  • The ability to keep track the balances of the registered companies account and view the history of expenses in the past

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