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Drawing on our expertise and close collaboration with clients, Ontario Marketing experts have not only successfully transitioned traditional learning to an online format but have also forged a new educational ecosystem by integrating cutting-edge digital technologies and advanced language programs. This collaboration has culminated in the development of Speakly, a web solution and mobile applications.

*The product was developed by the Ukrainian division of Ontario.Marketing – Owlab.

Unique Language Learning Platform SPEAKLY

Development service

Web service & Mobile App

Business niche

For learning languages

Time spent on the project

2000 hours


Python, Django, React Js, Swift

The solution included:

  • Native development of the web version and mobile applications: from prototyping to UI/UX design and back end. This allows users to learn languages comfortably on any device.
  • Creation of complex dynamic interfaces to provide perfect user experience.
  • Implementation of interactive lessons with active zones.
  • Adding Stripe and PayPal payment solutions for secure transactions.
  • Building a platform architecture focusing on further scaling allows the customer to easily add new capabilities to the product in the future.

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