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We have developed Gourmet PT, an advanced online recipe parsing system that caters to four different user roles. It features a personalized calorie calculator that accurately estimates calorie content based on anthropometry and individual user requirements. The system generates a unique formula for calculating calories specific to each user, enables tracking of anthropometric changes, and facilitates remote interaction between trainers and clients.

*The product was developed by the Ukrainian division of Ontario.Marketing – Owlab.

Recipe Parsing System with Calorie Calculator Gourmet PT

Development service

Development of paid cloud software for project management

Business niche

Business management, agile project management

Time spent on the project

2000 hours


Django, ReactJS, AWS S3

For trainers to work with their clients

  • Messenger for fast communication between clients and trainers
  • Measurements history window, where both trainers and their clients can track progress on basic anthropometric data, edit history, etc.
  • Earn money by attracting another users to the system

For athletes

  • Work with or without trainers
  • The service allows users to choose recipes by type of diet (meat, vegetarian, or vegan)
  • Edit their personal shopping list

For trainers to work with their clients

  • It is possible to create recipes by adding ingredients from Amazon Fresh with help of ThriveCart; in this case, the calorie content of the dish is calculated automatically, in proportion to the specified ingredients
  • User management involves defining and managing users and their access levels in a system. Implementation involves a wide range of functionality such as adding/deleting users, controlling user activity, managing anthropometric data and etc

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